Anumaan is a perspective based, on-screen predictive text entry system. It is an extension of an Input Method (IM) mechanism (on GNOME desktop) in the sense that it extends its (IM) notion by including the power of text prediction. It has support for UTF-8 unicode encoding.

Anumaan allows its user to train it and personalize his writing style into different named domains. Hence it adapts to his writing style in some sense. The current version will not have live mode adaptation, but still a user can train a domain as many times you like.

Anumaan is designed for a (text) sequence prediction based on a certain context. The context can either be a partial word context or a partial sentence context. Through prediction of a certain (text) sequence, the system helps augmenting the rate of text comprehension and typing. Here, predictions are achieved from multiple perspectives. The existence of multi-dimensional perspectives gives user valuable choices. Some of these perspectives are:

1. Perspective of a domain
2. Features of language
3. Writing style of an individual

Anumaan is designed for people who suffer from different kinds of motor disability by allowing it to be customized for different kinds of input devices (e.g. keyboard, mouse, joystick or any other pointing device especially built for people suffering from motor disability). In other words it can be very easily customized to cater to different hand movement capabilities. The current version is only for mouse and keyboard based interactions. But we can easily customize it for different hardware input device requirements.

The current version includes Anumaan-standalone-0.2 with improved GUIand this version got "100% FREE" Softpedia award.

Anumaan-standalone-0.2 can be downloaded from HERE. (3000 kb)
Anumaan-standalone-0.2 source code can be downloaded from HERE. (70 kb)
Alternatively, Anumaan can also be accessed at Sourceforge and Softpedia.

The previous released versions :
1. Anumaan-standalone-alpha-0.1 : The base system which runs on Java Swing Interface.
2. AnumaanLinux-alpha-0.1: The Linux version which uses Anumaan-standalone as base and is ported to utilize the accessibility features of GNOME GAIL library. The current interface is accessible to almost all Gtk+ Editable Text Widgets.



Anumaan-standalone-alpha-0.1 can be downloaded from HERE. (160 kb)
Anumaan-standalone-alpha-0.1 user manual can be accessed from HERE.
Source code for AnumaanLinux-alpha-0.1 can be downloaded from HERE ( 220 kb)
AnumaanLinux-alpha-0.1 user manual can be accessed from HERE
Default Language Model for Anumaan can be downloaded from HERE (1116 kb)

Anumaan Usage videos:

A session of AnumaanLinux:
A session of Anumaan-standalone:
AnumaanLinux build and install:

Project Team:

1. Dr. M. Sasikumar
2. Mr. Naveen Kumar (Past Member)
3. Mr. Sagun Baijal
4. Mr. Ashish Jain (Past Member)
5. Mr. Reniguntla Sambaiah
Please give us your feedback at predictanumaan [at]


Anumaan-standalone version 0.2 released
AnumaanLinux version alpha-0.1 source code released.
Anumaan-standalone version alpha-0.1 released.
Anumaan Default Language Model.
Documentation of AnumaanLinux version alpha-0.1 released.
Documentation of Anumaan-standalone version alpha-0.1 released.